Austin Rolfing: Deep Tissue Massage

It doesn’t get any deeper than at my Rolfing practice in Austin, TX.  There are many different forms of massage, but predominantly the intent for a massage therapist that practices deep tissue massage is going to be to try and work with muscle tissue.  They will mostly likely work slowly with their hands, forearms, or even tools directly on the muscles to try and get them to release or lengthen.  They will probably be attempting to “break up or eliminate” scar tissue and hydrate the muscle tissue.  Which is a bit of a misnomer by the way as you cannot eliminate scar tissue with manual therapy, what you can do is make it less fibrous and more flexible.  Working on the muscles will in deed help hydrate them as well as help move toxins out of the muscle tissue and nutrients in, all of which are good things.


Is your deep tissue massage therapist asking themselves why?  Why is the muscle overly contracted, why is the tissue not hydrated.  Is the muscle just trying to protect an injury to a joint; if so, relaxing/lengthening the muscle could be detrimental because there is now no protection to a joint that is compromised.  Is the muscle contracted because of poor posture and body habits throughout the day; if so, the poor habits need to be examined and changed.  These are just a small sample of some of the questions I ask myself when someone comes in to my office.


If you looking for a deep tissue massage in Austin, you might consider Rolfing.  My primary goal is to bring better balance to all of the tissues in your body and improve your overall alignment so that you can move with more ease and without pain.  At my Rolfing practice I am not limited to working with just muscle tissue (although I am an expert at that as well), but also tendons and the tissue they connect to around the bones called the periosteum.  I have extensive training and experience working with entrapped arteries, pinched nerves, ligaments, biomechanics, viscera (organs), and how the bones articulate with each other.  I also work with your functional nervous system.  You will only be fixing some of the issues if you receive a deep tissue massage that only works on the muscles, as your muscles are only doing what the nerves tell them to do.  I can test your nervous system and get the muscles to start responding appropriately as well as lengthen the muscle tissue if need be.


Deep tissue massage can definitely hurt good.  However, at my Rolfing practice in Austin, TX you’ll be getting someone that is looking at and understands the larger picture of how all of your body’s tissues work together.  As necessary, I’ll work even deeper than the muscles, to the tissues that they attach to and even further down the chain.

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