Austin Rolfing: Neck Pain

Most of us have had a pain in our neck.   No I’m not talking about how our significant others or children are annoying us but rather a sharp pain in our neck that just won’t go away.  Sometimes that pain comes from just sleeping the wrong way for one night and then putting up with the pain for a few days until it goes away.  Sometimes, however the pain seems to come from nowhere and lingers on for weeks, months and even years.  At My Rolfing Practice in Austin, TX there are two important questions that I ask myself when clients come in with this issue.  The first is, “where is the source of the pain coming from” which might be nowhere near where the client feels the pain.  The second is, “how do we put this person’s body in a better position to heal itself and make the pain go away”.


When addressing where the pain is coming from, typically there is an imbalance somewhere in the client’s body that is making a nerve get pinched or aggravated in the neck.  Using a myriad of diagnostic techniques, I find the source of the imbalance.  The imbalance can be a musculoskeletal issue, a nerve that has become pinched or entrapped, or even an organ in your abdomen that is irritated and shares a common nerve with one in your neck.  The important part is that we find and treat the source, not just where the symptoms are showing up.


After finding the source of the issue and addressing it, the important thing to do next is to figure out how we can keep the issue from coming back.  To do that, we need to decide if the imbalance came from poor body usage in your everyday life, a nutritional issue, or maybe an old injury that the rest of your body is compensating for.  In my Rolfing practice, it’s paramount to discuss how you are using your body and look at your health history to best provide a roadmap at what changes, if any that you need to make in your everyday life to keen your neck pain from coming back.  We need to re-educate your body on how it should hold itself and move.

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