Austin Rolfing: Back Pain

Back pain is the bane of our existence, at least temporarily, in so many of our lives. A quick search on Google had multiple sites estimating that 80% of the entire population will have back pain at some point in their lives. So, pretty much every one of us will be affected by it personally or will know someone close to us who is/was effected by back pain.

One of the problems with treating back pain is that it can come from so many possible sources. Just to name a few, it can come from: a tilted pelvis from sitting too much, pinched nerves from a herniated disk from lifting with poor form, pinched nerves from an aggravated organ that sits on a nerve, lack of core strength creating general fatigue, too much tension up your back-line kinetic chain, the list can go on and on.

As a Certified Rolfer© in Austin, TX I treat back pain on a daily basis with great results. Of course, one of the main keys to getting rid of back pain is to figure out where it’s coming from. I look at the client’s entire structure top to bottom, front to back to determine if there alignment or how they move is contributing to the pain. By reviewing how the client moves and feels, I can see whether it’s a core strength issue and give them simple exercises to do or refer them on to a physical therapist if the case is too severe. I review the general location and condition of the digestive system to see if any of the organs could be irritating the nerves that are tied into the back. I can also help free peripheral nerves that might have possibly become entrapped in the tissue around them and are spasming or not firing as they are designed to do.

In general, back pain is very fixable (more often than not without surgery). If there is any part of the work that we can’t handle in my office, I have a wonderful team of highly qualified professionals that I work with in Austin that I can refer you to. For more information on how Rolfing can help you, please visit This Site.

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